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New Fix for Windows 10 Problems Arrives



It’ll be a while before Microsoft manages to solve all the major Windows 10 problems that users are reporting. That isn’t deterring the company from doing the right thing by users. There’s a new Windows 10 update rolling out today that addresses a huge number of issues. We know that because Microsoft has also started telling users about the changes its making in each Windows 10 cumulative update going forward.

The new Windows 10 Update History page provides guidance about the download. Microsoft is actually making the details of the update available before the actual update is. Windows 10 launched to rave reviews last summer, but the operating system can be a bit buggy. Some attribute this to Microsoft changing the way it delivers Windows.

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Going forward, Windows 10 will get free updates at regular intervals instead of large scale releases every three years. Microsoft has also committed to providing new features to Windows 10 users for free.

The list of Windows 10 problems that KB3135173, as Microsoft is calling it internally, is extensive.

Some Windows 10 users found that the operating system was having trouble installing software updates provided by Microsoft. The bulk of the changes are directly related to security fixes that were needed to patch the technology inside Windows 10. One problem could have allowed a bad website to download unwanted files on user’s machine.

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As for functional updates, there are plenty of those too. Microsoft says that it’s fixed some issues with the interface of Windows 10, the taskbar that sits at the bottom of the Desktop, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11. One operating system prevented songs from being added to the Groove Music app, but only on Windows 10 Mobile. It’s been fixed. Another issue kept apps purchased in the Windows Store from downloading and updating. Microsoft Edge, the web browser that’s included with Windows 10 no longer cache’s URLs when specifically told not to using the InPrivate browsing feature.

Microsoft has two updates ready for those suffering from Windows 10 problems today. This update is for users at home that have already downloaded the Windows 10 November Update from last year. The second is for educational institutions and businesses, which still haven’t downloaded that update. Home users get Windows 10 updates installed automatically instead of manually. Versions of the operating system meant for businesses and schools can delay installing the Windows 10 November Update until this November.

Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with the Microsoft Edge web browser in Windows 10.

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That Microsoft has decided to be more public about what’s contained in every Windows 10 Cumulative Update is certainly good news. Though it’s been well received, Windows 10 does have problems. Most people won’t ever read the update history, that’s a given. The update history does help inform those people trying to track and find fixes for Windows 10 problems.

Microsoft will continue issuing small updates like today’s to address Windows 10 security and performance issues. In the meantime, the company has already moved on to developing its next major update. That update is called Windows 10 Redstone, and that’s all Microsoft is willing to say publicly about the update now. Test versions of it are already going out to members of the Windows Insider Program. The only new feature that the upgrade contains right now is a new browsing history menu for Microsoft Edge.

That will definitely change by the time Microsoft releases Windows 10 Redstone, which is expected to happen in late spring or early summer. Reportedly, Windows 10 users will be able to move between devices and continue browsing websites or working on documents, just like Mac OS users can do. Windows phone owners will be able to place a call and send text messages from their PC too, rumors indicate.

The Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer doesn’t expire until this summer.

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1 Comment

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