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New Ford SYNC Turns Your Cars into Mobile Hotspots



Ford’s next generation of vehicles with SYNC can be turned into a mobile hotspot by plugging in a 3G modem. This feature allows passengers to get online with their laptops and other WiFi enabled devices.

It’s not clear whether or not the SYNC system itself will take advantage of the wireless Internet connection. It’d be great if the system would allow owners to download map updates, music and software updates while on the go. If SYNC doesn’t connect to the Internet when a modem is plugged in it’ll be a shame.

Ford is releasing more details about the second generation of SYNC next month at CES and I plan on checking it out.

Rob Bushway test drove a Ford Escape with SYNC last year. SYNC looked pretty cool for a first-generation system. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Ford and Microsoft have come up with for round two.

Gadgets aren’t at the top of my requirements list when shopping for new cars, but navigation, communications and entertainment features are important to me. When I bought my new car last year I didn’t even consider anything in the Ford family, but SYNC may draw me back to the blue oval if Ford and Microsoft continue innovating.

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