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New Galaxy S II Ad Highlights Voice Typing Feature, But Is It Too Little Too Late?



Samsung’s latest TV ad, which aired over the weekend during the NFL game, highlights Android’s voice typing capabilities. The ad also makes subtle jabs of Apple ‘fanboys’ by showing a line of what appears to be eager Apple hopefuls waiting for the next-generation iDevice release while noting that Samsung’s Galaxy S II already has the voice feature today.

While the ad does away with the ‘Samsunged’ catch phrase that debuted on Samsung’s last ad, it may be a little late as Apple already has Siri, which can also allow users to type out text using their voice as well. Another problem is that though voice typing has long been a feature on Android handsets, Google and all Android manufacturers have failed to market the feature to the average consumers and Apple had done a far better job marketing and hyping Siri as a consumer-ready voice feature on the iPhone 4S.

If you’re an Apple user of an older generation iPhone, does the ad do enough to make you want to switch to the Samsung Galaxy S II? Have you been ‘Samsunged’ by the ad?


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