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New HTC Advantage Won’t Make It To US



Htc-advantage-x7510-1This is just a shame. Apparently the legal battles over the Qualcomm chipset will keep HTC from releasing the new version of the HTC Advantage in the US, unless you’re willing to pay a little extra and get one through an importer. Although I’m not sure how that works given the restrictions. Too bad, as the HTC Advantage X7510 looked like it had the potential to be a very exciting second generation release for a very popular form factor. This was one of those devices that in its first generation impressed me enough that I was thinking of taking the plunge when the second generation arrived. Not now, I guess.

Matt Miller of The Mobile Gadgeteer got his hands on one (or three) at the recent Mobius conference and has a quick and dirty rundown of the device, including some early impressions of the haptic keyboard. He promises a fuller review at some point in the future.

via jkOnTheRun

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