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New HTC One Teased Again Ahead of March 25 Unveiling



HTC has been recently teasing the release of its “all-new HTC One”, which will be revealed on March 25 at the company’s own unveiling event. HTC has been using Samsung’s recently Galaxy S5 announcement as an opportunity to take some attention away from Samsung’s new flagship.

HTC’s latest tease is the improvements that will be coming to the HTC One’s BoomSound front-facing stereo speakers. The current HTC One’s speaker system is quite unique, in the sense that it comes with two front-facing speakers which are placed at opposite ends of the phone to create a crisp stereo sound that most other smartphones can’t deliver.

The “all-new HTC One” (as the company is calling it) will feature improved speakers over the current HTC One model based on a teaser video that the company featured today. It’s a bit ridiculous and comical, but the idea is that the new HTC One will come with even better speakers this time around, because a movie-watching experience isn’t complete without great audio.

The video does detail the improvements that we’ll see come March 25, but funnily enough, they’re bleeped out so that we can’t hear them, which seems to be HTC’s own hilarious way of teasing its upcoming products now.

The new HTC One is said to be codenamed the “M8” and we’ve been hearing rumors about for what seems like an eternity, but just a month from now is when all that hoopla will stop and we’ll finally get a peek at the new device.

Current rumors point to a device with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, a 5-inch 1920×1080 display, and dual rear cameras that will come with selective focus, similar to the Lytro and the new Galaxy S5.

Of course, HTC will need to step up come next month if it wants to outdo Samsung. While the Galaxy S5’s design didn’t changed drastically compared to the S4, the new software features are where the phone really shines. Hopefully HTC can reciprocate.

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