New iOS 6 Feature Routes Around Bad Wi-Fi

A new iOS 6 feature, discovered in the latest version of the iOS 6 beta, is a feature Apple is calling “Wi-Fi Plus Cellular” which will toggle the iPhone or iPad back to cellular data when a Wi-Fi connection is experiencing issues.

First discovered by AppleInsider, the feature is tucked away in the General settings within iOS 6 and can be toggled on or off when inside of the Cellular systems settings portion.

When the feature is toggled on, the feature will keep the device’s connection afloat even when a Wi-Fi connection, say like on a mobile hotspot, dies. This way, applications and data that are syncing when connected to the internet will continue to do so without interruption.


A new iOS 6 feature will help iPhone and iPad owners maintain a connection.

And, if it’s included in the final version of iOS 6 that is scheduled to be released this fall, it will also stand to help iPhone and iPad users keep a connection when using FaceTime Over Cellular, one of the new, and controversial, features that will be coming along with Apple’s new mobile software.

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The controversy over FaceTime Over Cellular stems from the uncertainty coming from carriers as to whether they will charge for the service or not. Sprint has already come right out and said that it will not charge iPhone or iPad users to use FaceTime over its network while AT&T and Verizon have both said that any decision made now would be immature.

AT&T and Verizon will likely wait for the arrival of iOS 6 itself to make any sort of final decision on the matter.

iOS 6 Release Date

Thus far, Apple has remained mum on a iOS 6 release date. The company has said that the new software and its over 200 new features will be arriving for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users sometime this fall.

Generally, Apple releases the new version of iOS shortly before the launch of a new iPhone and if the rumored iPhone 5 release date and launch date are any indication, we could see iOS 6 released anywhere between September 12th and September 21st.

September 12 is currently the iPhone 5’s rumored launch date and September 21st is apparently Apple’s currently target for a release.

iOS 6 Features

iOS 6 is going to come loaded with over 200 features new to the iOS operating system including enhancements to Apple’s voice assistant Siri, deep Facebook integration, a new native Maps application that is set to replace Google Maps as the default map service, and a Do Not Disturb feature which allows iPhone and iPad owners to silence notifications and phone calls for a set period of time.

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In addition to those features, iOS 6 will bring a number of smaller features, similar to the almost hidden “Wi-Fi Plus Cellular” feature that was discovered today.