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New iPad Appears in New Hands-on Video



We have already seen the new iPad leak out in an unboxing video ahead of its launch this Friday, but now, we have a closer look at the device that is already sold out online and will surely attract long lines at Apple Stores and participating retailers in its first launch markets. The new video not only gives us a closer look at the new iPad itself but also a glimpse at how it stacks up against the iPad 2.

In the video, we see the new iPad get un-boxed from its retail packaging and then we get a bit of a tour around both the hardware and software. Then, the fine folks from PCM who somehow managed to get the 4G version of the device a whole two days ahead of launch pull out the iPad 2 and the comparisons are on.

We see how the Retina Display, which has quadruple the resolution of the new iPad, stacks up against the iPad 2’s display. We’re shown the slight differences in design, the new iPad being slightly larger than the original iPad 2.

New iPad Appears in New Hands-on Video

And we’re also shown the larger camera sensor that’s found on the third-generation iPad.

You can see the entire video below:

After the comparisons are done, the owner of the new iPad then shows us how the camera works on the new iPad. The software is, of course, the same as the software found on the iPad 2 but the camera’s improved sensor and as we’ve shown you, the photo and video quality is better with the latest version.

Apple’s new iPad will debut on Friday and while many of those that pre-ordered the device on announcement day will see the tablet that day, others will be waiting until March 19th or beyond.

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Those looking to get it on launch day that didn’t pre-order are going to have to brave the lines at Apple Store locations or other participating retailers like AT&T and Verizon.

Two more days folks, we’re close.

Via: Engadget Chinese

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