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New iPad Camera has iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S Hybrid



Apple’s new iPad will have a much better rear camera than the one in the iPad 2. Unfortunately, the new iPad has a front-facing iSight camera which is just like the camera in the iPhone 4.

The new iPad’s iSight camera jas a 5MP camera sensor with a five-element lens. It has the same backside illumination as the iPhone 4S. In fact, alms everything about this new rear-facing camera is like the iPhone 4S. The only difference is that it shoots 5 MP images instead of 8 MP images. It can shoot 1080p video.

The camera should finally make it possible to shoot decent photos and videos on the iPad. It might not replace your point and shoot camera due to portability, but it will be able to help you out in a pinch or around the house. Whereas the iPad 2 camera was mostly useful for FaceTime this new iPad’s camera could replace a point-and-shoot.

The new camera won’t be as great as the iPhone 4S due to the smaller image size, but the image quality will be significantly better than the iPhone 4 due to the five-element lens.

For comparison, here’s an image from the iPhone 4S:

iPhone 4S photo

Compared to a photo from the iPad 2’s rear-facing camera:

iPad 2 sample photo

Unfortunately the front-facing camera seems to be the same, or at least Apple isn’t saying anything about it, which means Photobooth images still won’t look too great.

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