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New iPad: Consumers Love Retina Display, Hate Costs



The new iPad has been out for just over 2 weeks and we’ve shared our likes and dislikes of the new iPad, but now I want to share the first survey of consumer likes and dislikes of the new iPad.

Changewave Research surveyed 200 new iPad owners after a week with the new iPad to find out what they think about the new iPad.

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The survey found that 82% of the respondents were “Very Satisfied” with the new iPad, and only 2% where “Somewhat Unsatisfied”. No respondents were “Very Unsatisfied.”

New iPad Satisfaction

4 out of 5 consumers are satisfied with the new iPad

When it comes to what consumers like, it’s no surprise that the high-resolution Retina Display, long battery life and  4G LTE connectivity top the list. Many of these features mirror what we like about the new iPad. I was a little surprised to see that Dictation was so low on the list, but my guess is that most consumers didn’t have time to fully appreciate it in the first week with the iPad.

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Dictation isn’t as sexy as a Retina Display, but it is an awesome way to interact with the new iPad. It took me months to fall in love with dictation on the iPhone, so I’m guessing this will grow as more users explore.

New iPad likes

What consumers like most about the new iPad.

When it comes to what consumers don’t like, the price of the new iPad and the price of the 4G LTE data plans top the list, with the size and weight of the new iPad coming in third.

Now that the iPad 2 is available as a cheaper entry point, don’t expect Apple to offer a cheaper new iPad anytime soon, and carriers aren’t likely to offer better data plan pricing in the near future either.

It isn’t clear if these consumers would rather have a 5-inch iPad or a 8-inch iPad, or if they just want a slimmer and lighter iPad based on the limited information available.

new ipad dislikes

What consumers don't like about the new iPad.

This group of consumers didn’t show an overall concern with the size of storage available, which is likely why Apple felt safe going with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB this time around.

As it turns out, the new iPad heat issue isn’t that hot of an issue after all. Only 4% of respondents said it was. “Somewhat of a Problem.” In the video above, we poke fun at the hot iPad issue, which Consumer Reports has since backed away from.

What do you like or dislike about the new iPad?

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