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New iPad Mini Photos Leak



Now that Apple’s iPhone 5 will come to the market in just a few days the rumor mill can focus on the iPad Mini, and the best way to do that is with a few new photos of the rumored device.

The latest iPad Mini photos come from Chinese site Bolopad by way of TechCrunch. The images show an iPad Mini with the rumored iPod touch design we’ve seen recently. The photos show a smaller iPad with a Lightning port, dual speakers, and thinner bezels to the left and right of the display.

iPad Mini front

The back of the device holds a camera in the top left corner and a small hole near the center at the top of the device. The small hole is likely a microphone. The new iPad has a similar hole, though its tapered edges means the hold sits closer the screen. The iPad Mini design might force the microphone to the flat part of the back.

There are a few strange details on the screen of the iPad Mini, but they’re easily explained. The weather icon on the screen is a Chinese weather app which makes sense if the device is a leak from a Chinese factory.

YouTube also appears on the screen, even though the app is not included in iOS 6. This iPad Mini could just be using an older version of the OS that still included the app, however. From the images we can’t tell the date of the photos, so it’s hard to say why YouTube is still present, or why the Calendar icon reads “24.”

The iPad Mini could debut at an Apple event sometime next month when Apple will also release the new iPod touch, new iPad nano, and new iTunes.

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