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iPad 3rd Gen Review and Hands-on Video Roundup



Even though it’s been almost 6 hours since pre-orders for the new iPad 3rd generation model began, you can still order the tablet for March 16th delivery. If you’re holding off until the reviews are in or you’ve at least heard from people who have some hands-on experience with the tablet, this post is for you. We’ve rounded up a bunch of the best first impressions videos and posts to help you make a decision.

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The consensus is that the display is as amazing as Apple claims, though you really do need to see it to appreciate it. People also seemed pleased with the iSight camera. Otherwise, there isn’t much else to report since the Retina Display and camera were the main physical upgrades.

Read on for more new iPad impressions and videos.

Joanna Stern from ABC:

“‘Eh, so it’s just a new screen, new camera, and faster processor,’ some pundits at the event were complaining. But the software that Apple continues to make is what will continue to make the iPad ride above the competition. The new iPhoto app, which is available today for $4.99, lets you do some incredible things to photos with just some basic taps.”

New iPad

Ryan Block from GDGT:

“It’s the best display I’ve ever seen. Anywhere, period. And it makes a meaningful difference to the experience — it’s not just a spec.”


Darren Murph from Engadget:

“There’s no doubt that this here tablet feels every bit like a $500 product, oozing quality from edge to edge and being as delightful as ever to use. Is it the second coming of the tablet? Of course not, but if we’ve learned anything from the iPhone 4S, it doesn’t need to be. … The new iPad is ever-so-slightly thicker than the iPad 2, but we’re told that “most accessories” (including the Smart Cover) should work just fine.”

Mashable iPad hands-on

Chris Taylor from Mashable:

“After playing with the new iPad at the Apple launch event Wednesday, I am certain of three things. First, I am going to get heartily sick of calling this thing “the new iPad.” Secondly, the new retina display looks absolutely gorgeous in any app you care to name. And thirdly, not a single other thing about the device’s outward appearance has changed.”

Joshua Topolsky from The Verge:

“In all, it’s a strong showing from the current (and frankly undisputed) market leader in tablets. Did Apple just make the best tablet even better? Yeah, it does kind of look that way.”

New iPad is the iPad 3

Sascha Segan from PCWorld:

“At the same price as the previous iPad, the new iPad is an obvious buy. Get this one, not the cheaper iPad 2, because the Retina screen improves every aspect of the iPad experience. Most iPad users surf the Web heavily, for instance: the new screen makes Web pages sharper and easier to read. And with no battery penalty, the new iPad’s faster modems will give a much smoother Internet experience.”

Vincent Nguyen from SlashGear:

“Make no mistake, the new iPad has reset the bar for the tablet segment, leaving Android and Windows 8 OEMs playing catch-up once again.”

Jon Phillips from Wired:

“We touched it. We caressed every bezel. The new iPad is a model of inspired industrial design, and its specs best the previous-generation iPad 2 in all the important areas. But while our hands-on time with the new iPad was admittedly brief today, we nonetheless left Apple’s demo room with an overwhelming sense of, well, ‘sameyness.'”

Donald Bell from CNET:

“I have to admire Apple’s gamesmanship. It was the first to make a tablet people cared about. Then, just when the competition started to feel confident, Apple sliced the iPad to an impossibly thin design. For its third act, Apple has pushed tablet screen expectations to a ludicrous new height.”

Mark Spoonauer from Laptop Magazine:

We just picked up the new iPad, available March 16th starting at $499, and could sum up the visual experience in a word: whoa.

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