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New iPad Shipping Times Improve



Last week, shipping times for Apple’s new iPad slipped to 2-3 weeks through the online Apple Store. The shipping delays came after Apple entirely sold out of pre-orders for the newly released slate. Well, just a day after announcing that the device was their strongest iPad launch yet, shipping times have improved to 1-2 weeks in the United States and elsewhere.

The device does still remain unavailable in Hong Kong however.

The improved shipping times come shortly after Apple announced that the new iPad marked its best iPad launch to date. The company has already sold 3 million new iPads since launch.

New iPad Shipping Times Improve

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That’s triple the amount that Motorola was able to sell last year, all done in three days.

It took Apple 28 days to sell 1 million of the first-generation iPad and a full 28 days to sell 3 million.

Apple had a rough time meeting demand when the iPad 2 launched back in March of 2011. There was a point where some customers were having to wait 4-5 weeks for the device to arrive from the Apple Store.

It seems Apple did  a much better job preparing for the new iPad.

The worst has been 2-3 weeks and that comes after Apple decided to make it available in 12 countries at launch, the most ever for an iPad launch.

There had been some concern, prior to the launch, that the Retina Display – the device’s new high resolution screen – could make for shipping headaches. So far though, the launch has been smooth sailing.

Apple’s new iPad has been met with great reviews as it seeks to top the iPad 2 in sales.

It comes with several improvements over the last version of the iPad including the Retina Display, 4G LTE connectivity, a powerful A5X processor, and an upgraded rear camera.



  1. Smeeta Goyal

    03/21/2012 at 12:11 am


    I have been hearing a lot about this Xtab A10 which is the cheapest 5point
    Capacitive, 1.5 GHz, HDMI, USB, Android 4.0 tablet @ Rs 5490 Launched by NXG
    Electronics. Can you please suggest me whether or not I should book this tablet
    for me as I am really new to this tablet world.

  2. David

    03/21/2012 at 11:27 am

    Definitely go for the iPad if you’re looking for a reliable and powerful os and hardware.

  3. Eric

    03/28/2012 at 7:18 am

    I am not sure about the improved ship dates.� I ordered a new Ipad two weeks ago, and so far I have not been notified it has shipped.�� I tried calling to check on the status, and they could not tell me anything.� It appears the ship dates maybe slipping.

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