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New iPhone 4S Commercials Show Off Siri Snow Day, Camera and iCloud



Apple continues to roll out new iPhone 4S commercials, debuting three new ads this weekend. The new iPhone 4S ads focus in on the tangible benefits of owning the new iPhone, something competing ads often gloss over.

In the new trio of TV ads, Apple drives home the use of Siri, the improved camera and the benefits of Apple’s iCloud service.

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With winter fast approaching in much of the country, and already here along the Eastern seaboard, I’m pretty sure kids everywhere will be asking Siri about snow, and adults will be groaning at the answers.

Siri is the new personal assistant built into Apple’s iPhone 4S that can help you with a number of simple tasks. Developers are trying to bring Siri to the iPhone 4, but Apple does not support the port. In the video below, you will see a number of possible uses of Siri.

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If snow scares you off, why not take a tropical vacation and record it on your new iPhone 4S camera. The second iPhone 4S ad hits home on the speed and quality of the new camera, as well as the ability to use the volume button to take a picture. The video shown below highlights these features, and the ability to share your photos.

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Pulling up the rear, Apple’s new iPhone 4S commercials also highlight the use of iCloud to keep your devices connected. In the video below, you will see iCloud’s ability to sync your music between devices, your reading location in iBooks, your photos to all of your Mac products and even your document changes seamlessly between devices.

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