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New iPhone 6 Photo Allegedly Shows Back of the New iPhone



A single photo shows what could be the back of the iPhone 6 with a completely new design, no glass and even an Apple logo cutout in the back. Although many iPhone 6 mockups are available, this is allegedly a real iPhone 6 part that is destined for production ahead of a fall release.

The iPhone 6 is a new iPhone from Apple that reports suggest will arrive in multiple sizes. This photo shows what the back of the iPhone 6 may look like in the 4.7-inch size. Because a screen dominates the front of the iPhone, this look at that back of the new iPhone offers the best look at what the new iPhone could look like.

Although this alleged iPhone 6 photo is not verified, it does line up with multiple leaks and the source previously leaked the iPad Air front several months ahead of the release. With some rumors suggesting the iPhone 6 4.7-inch production will start soon, for a September release date, it would make sense that a part like this is in the supply chain.

Alleged iPhone 6 Photo

MacFixit, an Australian Apple parts seller lists the alleged iPhone 6 photo that appears below, claiming that it came form a contact in China. Although the photo does not include anything for scale or measurements MacFixit states that this matches the dimensions for a 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

This alleged iPhone 6 back shows what the new iPhone could look like.

This alleged iPhone 6 back shows what the new iPhone could look like.

If you take a close look at this alleged iPhone 6 back, you can see a number of small details that help show what the iPhone 6 could look like. Don’t get excited for a green iPhone 6, this is actually a silver back with a green film to protect it from scratches. Apple does offer a green iPod touch with a similar design, but this leak does not suggest you will be able to buy an iPhone 6 in green.

There are circular cutouts for the camera and flash in the upper left of this back. The flash is circular like many other leaks. While this is is a change from the iPhone 5s’ pill shaped flash it is not a surprise in terms of leaks. Multiple leaks and iPhone 6 mockups show this same circle. It’s not clear if Apple is putting a dual LED flash into a circle or if all of these leaks are wrong.

Next up is an Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 6 back panel. It’s not a surprise to see a logo here, but it is a cutout which is interesting change from the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that Apple plans to light this up like a MacBook Air or use it as an area for notifications, but there is a better explanation.

Apple patented a logo that acts as an antenna.

Apple patented a logo that acts as an antenna.

The hole in the back of the alleged iPhone 6 back panel could play an important role in allowing the iPhone 6 to communicate better even with a design using more metal. Antennas don’t work great through metal, which is why metal phones often incorporate glass or breaks in the metal like those at the top and bottom of this back, but in 2010 Apple patented a method of using the logo as an antenna.

An Apple logo could act as part of antenna design.

An Apple logo could act as part of antenna design.

Several months after Apple apologized for Antennagate and gave away free iPhone bumpers the company earned a patent for using a logo antenna in a smartphone. As the patent illustration below shows, Apple envisioned the ability to use an Apple logo on the back of an iPhone as an antenna. Patently Apple shares more details about this specific patent, and shows how Apple used a similar method in the original iPad for WiFi. The patent covers WiFi, cellular reception and GPS.

We also see the same rounded corners as many iPhone 6 mock ups and edges that are more curved than the iPhone 5s. In all this leak shows a back that matches most of the rumors and unless Apple is purposely leaking fakes, there is a chance you are looking at the real deal.

In 2010 the iPhone 4 leaked in a bar in April and in July 2012 we shared a look at the iPhone 5 design well ahead of the release so it is not surprising to see this much detail about the iPhone 6 in late May.

For more check out our iPhone 6 rumor roundup with more details and when you can expect a new iPhone release.

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