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New iPhone Won’t Be a Phone



And why not? With WWDC a few weeks away the rumor mill on the new iPhone, a new version of iOS, Apple TVs, new laptops, and iPad rumors are starting to bubble over like an overcooked stew left on the stove top.

It’s almost like Apple rumors have become a form of currency among blogs and news sites. Sure, it’s all fun and games. And believe it or not, there will usually be some kernels of truth mixed in among the rumors.

Don’t kid yourself. Apple does leak out some details ahead of time. That is a part of the game. But discerning what is real and what isn’t much more than a guessing game.

What we’re seeing in this year’s version of the Apple rumor game though has a new twist. Some discerning chroniclers are actually spending more time debunking rumors than spreading them. Note that a quick rumor about Apple putting flexible displays on the new iPhone is getting quickly brushed aside. But then again, that just plays into Apple’s hands because it still works to build the hype. Digitimes has largely been discredited as a source that likes to list “industry sources” as the source of its factory like output of what’s next and what’s not. And we’re seeing more and more qualifications on those anonymous sources from many publications with each and every passing day.

I’m sure we’re not even close to the end of this rumor cycle. And I’m sure we’ll hear some that sound legit and some that just stretch credibility beyond the definition of the word. Whatever Apple announces at WWDC will eventually quell the current rumor mill for a time. A short time. Maybe a few hours. Because Apple won’t announce everything and the cycle will start up again.

So, my advice is to take it all as it comes. Enjoy the silliness of the game as it plays out. And when all is said and done, we’ll know when we know.

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