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New iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle Rumor Roundup



Next week Apple will finally unveil its new iPhone 5. While we know the device likely won’t share the stage with the iPad Mini, recent rumors say it might share the stage with new iPod devices.

Apple hasn’t changed the designs of any iPods since 2010 when it introduced the new touchscreen iPod nano and the iPod touch with Retina Display. This year, however, Apple will likely announce new designs for at least the iPod nano and iPod touch and possibly the iPod shuffle. The iPod classic will likely still exist for some reason, unless Apple decided to finally kill the last remaining iPod with a spinning disk drive.

Based on earlier rumors, we expect most if not all of the new models will use the new 9-pin dock connector. The only exception might be devices that retain their old design.

iPod Shuffle Rumors

According to 9To5Mac the iPod shuffle is due for a small upgrade. The device will likely maintain its small size and $49 price tag. The capacity might change in the device, which will likely mean more storage space if anything. The shuffle might also some in more colors next week for a total of eight colors as opposed to the current five.

iPod Nano Rumors

New iPod Nano

Will the new iPod Nano feature a home button, larger display and the ability to run apps?

Of the devices slated for a redesign, the iPod nano is perhaps the most confusing. Early rumors claimed the device would see a complete redesign with a taller display and a physical home button. The renders showing the new size make the new iPod nano look more like the tall design with the click wheel that came before the square touchscreen version.

The confusion lies in that another rumor says Apple designed the new nano to communicate with the iPhone 5 via Bluetooth MAP to act as a sort of smartwatch. The communication would let the iPod nano show users when they have messages or phone calls and it would also let it access Siri for voice control without using the iPhone itself.

The Bluetooth rumor doesn’t sound like a good fit for a taller iPod nano if it can’t easily double as a wristwatch. Either way, we’d expect to see some interesting new software features on the iPod nano.

9To5Mac claims the new iPod nano will only come with 16GB of storage. The current 16GB iPod nano sells for $169.

iPod Touch Rumors

New iPod Touch Coming with Larger Display?

The new iPod touch sounds like the most complicated of the new iPods. According to 9To5Mac, the base iPod touch model will stay the same as the current fourth generation iPod touch. Apple made a similar move in the past, but it sounds like the move won’t cause too much confusion for users.

The move will cause little confusion because the $299 and $399 iPod touch models will have a new design. Early rumors said the new design will feature a buffed aluminum shell. The redesign could also look more like the iPhone 5 with an elongated 4-inch screen. These new models will likely have the same specs as the iPhone 5, and if Apple’s pattern holds true, they will even be a bit more powerful. (Historically Apple clocks the iPod touch processors higher because battery life isn’t as much of a concern.)

There might be multiple versions of the new model, but that could just mean the iPod touch will come in more colors. We assume only the aluminum back will receive new colors if that’s true.

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