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New iPod Touch Release Incoming



It appears that Apple has started to make the preparations to start shipping out the fifth-generation iPod touch to those who have pre-ordered the device.

Back at the iPhone 5 launch event in September, Apple also unveiled new iPods including the fifth-generation iPod touch which features an all-new design, a 4-inch Retina Display – same size as the iPhone 5’s larger screen, Siri, a new and improved camera and of course, Apple’s new operating system, iOS 6.

Since the middle part of September, the device has been up for pre-order though thus far, Apple has remained mum on the specifics of its release date. The company only said that the device would be shipping in October. In fact, the U.S. Apple Store still says that the device is shipping in “October” with no specifics.

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Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 10.06.11 AM

It would appear that the launch of the new iPod touch is imminent.

However, it now looks like Apple has begin preparing to get iPod touch orders out to customers as, according to MacRumors, some users are saying that their pre-orders have moved into the “Preparing for Shipment stage” which is the stage before they are given to delivery companies for delivery purposes.

Yesterday, new pre-orderers in Australia saw their shipping times move from October to three weeks and it appears that some of those who pre-ordered in are now seeing an October 29th expected delivery date.

Another report from Macotakra claims that October 9th is the launch date for the iPod touch in Japan and that could mean that those who pre-ordered early in other regions could see the device land on or around this day. Those who pre-ordered now likely won’t see the device until later on this month if that’s the case.

Apple’s new iPod touch also is joined by the new iPod nano and iPod shuffle. While the iPod shuffle is now available, the iPod nano also lists an October shipping date in the U.S.

Apple’s iPhone 5, which was also announced at the event, was released on September 21st.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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    10/09/2012 at 5:41 am

    The new iPod touch is really great device and the bigger screen what makes it interesting because it allows you to play videos on it’s bigger screen. The great thing also about the iPod is the small part at the bottom to add a hanger to hold your device from it.

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