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New Just Cause 3 Trailer Is Better Than Most Films



In a new trailer, video game developer Avalanche Studios doesn’t bother listing the reasons why Xbox One, PS4 and PC players should pick up Just Cause 3 when it arrives this holiday season. Instead of bullet points about the features and changes players can expect, the new Just Cause 3 trailer is one minute and twenty-four seconds of high-octane open-world action that’ll have gamers wanting to pre-order almost immediately after watching.

The new Just Cause 3 trailer is solid action from start to finish. In the trailer we see series protagonist Rico Rodriquez taking out stages of the Davello government by any means necessary. As the trailer begins he’s actually wearing a wingsuit with an armed bomb strapped to his back. In another scene he’s gliding through the air towards a fighter jet. He doesn’t miss the jet. He lands on it, then removes the pilot by force.

A screenshot from Just Cause 3 from Flickr.

A screenshot from Just Cause 3 from Flickr.

The next time we see Rodriguez he’s on the ground taking on the forces of General Di Ravello. In one scene he’s dragging a bus behind an aircraft. That bus crashes into a statue of Ravello, who’s the dictator and antagonist in the game. There’s helicopters exploding in mid air, oil silos collapsing as the player runs past and a field of sunflowers absolutely wrecked by a high-speed chase. In one scene Rodriguez even backflips off the roof of a car that’s slowly falling into a ravine.

Typically, trailers this action-packed are just cutscenes, designed to sell you on the game. Often they aren’t things you can expect from the title when you pick it up on store shelves. Using pre-rendered cut-scenes and high-octane trailers to lure gamers in has become a standard tactic video game publishers use to build excitement ahead of release.

Avalanche Studios is taking a different tact with Just Cause 3. Forget pre-rendered cutscenes, the studio says that everything seen in today’s Just Cause 3 trailer is “actual gameplay footage.” In fact the studio says, that it contains no scripted or staged cutscenes at all. Everything is genuine gameplay that players can expect in the game. The studio used different camera angles to capture the footage, making it look like a pre-rendered cinematic trailer.

If Just Cause 3 delivers on what’s shown in this trailer, we could be looking at another huge open-world game launch this year. When done correctly, gamers flock to open-world games. Grand Theft Auto 5 remains a popular game on Xbox and PlayStation. It still holds the record for biggest entertainment launch of all time.

In Just Cause 3 you play as Rico Rodriguez, a revolutionary on a mission to put an end to Di Ravello’s reign over an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Previous games in the serious have featured huge islands with plenty of things to do. Instead of going for a bigger play area, Avalanche opted for a more vertical experience. As such, the area buyers are getting in Just Cause 3 is roughly the same size as Just Cause 2’s would. Vertically, there’s more to experience though. To aid players, Just cause 3 allows players to climb builders and explore caves on the island. In theory, what players are getting in Just Cause 3 is more realistic experience, even with all of this action-focused gameplay.

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Unfortunately for some, that action-focused gameplay may come at too steep a price. Just Cause 3 is another one of this year’s games completely exclusive to modern video game consoles. To play it gamers will need a Windows PC, a Xbox One or PS4. It won’t be coming to last-generation consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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