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New Leaked Photos of Nokia Lumia Catwalk Surface Ahead of Press Event



New photos leaked to Twitter indicate that the upcoming Nokia high-end phone, the Lumia Catwalk, may look a bit different from the device that was leaked in previous photos.

These photos, which were posted by the @EVLeaks Twitter account, are an updated render of the Lumia Catwalk that has long been rumored to be on track for a release this year. In addition to showcasing an all metal form factor, with slight color changes, it also features many of Nokia’s exclusive applications on its start screen. According to EVLeaks, the Catwalk would be unveiled as the Nokia Lumia 925.

While all other applications are blue, an application called Nokia Smart Cam is highlighted in purple. It had been rumored that the Lumia Catwalk would feature an enhanced photo application that allows for customizations previously unseen on Windows Phones from Nokia.

Lumia 925

The Nokia Lumia 925, according to EVLeaks, a known reliable source for mobile industry information.

Another render also leaked by the same Twitter account today shows off the Lumia Catwalk from the side, showing in detail just how much the move to a aluminum enclosure might have allowed Nokia to produce a slimmed down flagship device. Reviews of previous Lumia flagships like the Nokia Lumia 920 noted that the polycarbonate material used in the device’s casing made it a bit hefty in the hand.

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As noted, today’s leaked photos stand in stark contrast to the photos that had been previously leaked of the device. Those pictures showcased a device that had a port of some kind at the top of the device near the headset jack, and a rather bulbous camera lens on the rear.

The side profile of today’s leaks doesn’t feature either. Instead, the device is pictured with a nearaly straight rear. Today’s renders also indicate a change in button placement as well. Previous pictures showcased a possible camera and volume button on the side. Instead, today’s side shot has three buttons on its side.

lumia 925 side

Nokia Lumia Catwalk is rumored to feature a 4.5” OctaOLED display, a dual-core SnapDragon S4 processor, PureView camera technology and 1GB of RAM. Nokia has been teasing a new device for to be announced tomorrow during an event in London.

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Tomorrow’s possible unveiling of the Lumia Catwalk would mark the second time Nokia has debuted a flagship device in as many weeks. Nokia recently unveiled an enhanced flagship for Verizon users, dubbed the Nokia Lumia 928. That device did not feature a metal enclosure but did add Xenon flash for better picture taking in low-light situations.

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