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New Leather Cases for UMPCs, Eee



Although my bag addiction hasn’t been as publicized as Rob’s, I am indeed a bag lady; my husband will confirm that any day. And new cases have just been announced from Vaja Leather Products and Brando! Ah, the joy of a new leather case…

Vaja has always been a favorite case manufacturer of mine, and their new line of universal UMPC pouches looks like another winner. I haven’t seen the new UMPC cases specifically, but the Vaja cases I’ve had in the past have all had soft leather, very tactile, and a very well-made appearance. Pocketables has a nice chart of the available sizes and prices. There are four sizes so that you can get a close fit to your UMPC, but these are not cheap cases. These range from $120 to $140, so you’d better love your leather. If course, the only case I’ve like better than my Vaja was my Piel Frama case for my TC1100. Now that was a sweet case, but also cost me nearly $200 a couple of years ago.


If you are one of the legions of people who have bought an ASUS Eee recently, then you need to give it a good home. Luckily, Brando knows that the average Eee buy will probably not shell out half of the cost of an Eee on a case, so the new Brando case is only $38. For a custom fit case that looks pretty nice, this is a steal. The only drawback that I see is that it is a portfolio style, so no handle and no shoulder strap. Add both of those, and I’d consider buying the Eee so that I could have the cool case. :)

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via GearDiary, Brando

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