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New LG G3 Release Date Confirmed for the U.S.



The brand new LG G3 was announced back in May and went on sale in Korea the following day. However, since then the release date and additional details for those around the globe and in the United States have been few and far between.

LG originally confirmed the LG G3 release date would be a global launch before the end of June, which technically took place on June 27th late last week. Those throughout the UK and in many parts around the globe can buy the new and highly anticipated LG G3 right now, but in the United States carriers have been completely silent, until today.

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This afternoon our first official release date has been confirmed for the LG G3 in the US. T-Mobile revealed the phone will hit its shelves started on July 16th, and pre-orders are open as of this afternoon. This is the first and only carrier to announce LG G3 details in the United States, but buyers can expect more to surface in the coming days.


LG G3 release date rumors have been floating around for over a month, but things are finally starting to take shape as LG preps to launch its latest flagship smartphone around the globe, and on all four major carriers in the United States.

Until today prospective buyers have been completely left in the dark regarding when to expect the device, aside from all carriers confirming it would arrive “sometime this summer”. This week T-Mobile hit the ground first, announcing they’ll be the first carrier offering the new LG G3, but the wording is quite odd. We’re not sure if they’ll be the first carrier with the G3 on store shelves, but it appears that way. Pre-orders are available right now, and the LG G3 release date on T-Mobile is officially July 16th.

G3 display

That being said, the LG G3 is an extremely impressive device that gained popularity and interest the moment it was announced, and surely consumers on other carriers are interested in more information. At the moment the only official announcement is from T-Mobile above, but we’re hearing both AT&T and Verizon could be the same week.

Earlier this month evleaks reported the Verizon LG G3 release date will be July 17th, with pre-orders opening up a week earlier on July 10th. He’s a famed leakster that’s usually dead on, so while this isn’t official, most are expecting details later this week from Verizon as the company confirms the LG G3 launch date as well.

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The original LG Optimus G and even the popular LG G2 last year both arrived first on AT&T, and eventually other carriers. This lead many to expect the new LG G3 to arrive first on AT&T, but at the moment they’ve been silent regarding a release date. Some small talk and Sprint’s own site suggests July 25th, but again, they’ve yet to confirm a date.

So at the moment it appears T-Mobile will be first to offer the LG G3 on July 16th, followed by the 17th on Verizon, and we can expect additional G3 release date details and information from LG, AT&T, and Sprint in the coming days or weeks. Nothing is official until carriers confirm it themselves, but we’ll be on the lookout for more info or leaks.


As a reminder the LG G3 offers a world-class 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD, the first of its kind in the United States. It comes in at 5.5-inches in size but the small bezels make the device no bigger than the 5.1-inch Galaxy S5. Overall the LG G3 has a powerful quad-core processor, a stunning design, and some improvements to the camera we’ve never seen before on a smartphone. The laser auto-focus, rear mounted buttons, and other unique features made this device rather popular very fast. Our review linked to above has all the details.

Expect all four major US carriers to offer the LG G3 before the end of July, if all goes according to rumors and initial plans, and stay tuned right here for more details as they become available.



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