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New Live Trailer Arrives as Destiny Release Looms



With a new trailer, Destiny developer Bungie Studios and publisher Activision aren’t showing any actual in-game footage. Instead, they’re attempting to convince Xbox One and PS4 users to purchase Destiny on release day by highlighting the team thrills users can expect in the game’s raids and cooperative play.

Called Become Legend¸watchers don’t actually get to see what the game is like, per se. Again, there’s no actual footage from the title coming to the Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 9th. Instead, viewers follow along as actors wearing customized gear and load-outs that represent each class of character in the game battle out against different foes.

Destiny (1)

The first scene in the Destiny Live Action Trailer takes place on the moon. Three players who’ve apparently created their own squad for the game’s Raid missions arrive on the lunar surface and an accompanying Guardian – floating digital guide, really – congratulates them for successfully arrive there. According to him, humans haven’t been there in ages. After a quick look around the Apollo lunar landing site and a joke about “aliens having no respect for history”, the group uses a missile launcher to blow up the perimeter door of an alien hideout. Music starts playing and the raid team gets to work. They mow down and destroy every single alien they can find with their firearms and wizardry powers, in the case of one character.

The same raid team is seen again. This time it’s charged with destroying tons of enemies at what can only be described as a jungle hideout complete with tons of hostile robots. The screen goes dark and the team travels to Mars and calls for their vehicles. There they’re tasked with taking down a giant alien with a machine rifle. They’re pinned down. Then one member of the team uses the special power all members of his class are granted to disappear behind the alien and drop two grenades. The Destiny live action trailer ends with all three members of the raid team dropping into a hole in the ground on Earth and the words“Become Legend” flash on the screen.

As a whole, the Destiny live action trailer is all about building a sense of community. It’s encouraging the idea that in buying Destiny players will be able to take on fun challenges with their friends. Unlike other trailers and promotional material for the game, it’s highlighting just how much fun cooperative raids can be.

That Raids in Destiny are as fun as what’s shown in this trailer is essential because of the way Destiny was made. Sure, there’s a story, and Bungie has confirmed that users will be able to go from beginning to end in that story. However, Destiny’s claim to fame is how many people come back for the things outside that core story mode. More specifically, Destiny is a console-based online-role playing game with first-person shooter combat that is masquerading as a first-person shooter. In online role-playing games, where armor is earned, missions require more than one person and decent online friends are essential, fostering a community is a must. It’s also worth noting that we recently learned completing Raids in Destiny will require that you have a robust friends list: Raids will be restricted to friends only.

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With the Destiny release merely days away. Both gamers and console makers are gearing up for what should be the season’s most high-profile release. In celebration, Sony is bundling a white PS4 gaming console with a copy of Destiny for $449. Microsoft’s Xbox One console doesn’t have an official bundle, but users will be able to purchase an Xbox One and get the game for free at participating retailers beginning September 7th. A basic copy of the game will cost $59.99.


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