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New MacBook Air & iPad Pro Concepts Bring Rumors to Life



The iPad Pro and the 2015 MacBook Air are two Apple products that are being heavily rumored for this year, and new renders show off what the two devices could look like side-by-side.

Martin Hajek has published a handful of renders of the iPad Pro and the new 2015 MacBook Air, both of which are all-new products that Apple is rumored to be releasing this year at some point. There’s not a whole lot to say about the renders for the most part, but the interesting aspect is that you can see what the iPad Pro and the 2015 MacBook Air would look like sitting next to each other, allowing to compare sizes between the two devices.

The iPad Pro in the renders looks very similar to the iPad Air 2, but with only slight cosmetic changes to the design, and of course the larger 12-inch display is something that’s quite noticeable as well.

As for the new 2015 MacBook Air, that too comes with a 12-inch display in the renders and only sports a headphone jack and one USB Type-C port, which is rumored to be compatible with a whole host of different connections, including the power adapter to charge the laptop.


It’s important to note that these renders aren’t official in any way, and the true design of these products could easily be different in Apple’s eyes, but they still look really good and we wouldn’t be surprised if these renders were close to spot-on.

Martin Hajek has drawn plenty of other renders in the past for upcoming Apple products, including the iPhone 6 before it was announced, as well as the Apple Watch. His renders of the iPhone 6 were spot on, while his version of the Apple Watch was somewhat close, but no cigar. However, Hajek’s render of the Apple Watch was a fairly realistic interpretation compared to all the other far-fetched concepts that we saw.

The iPad Pro is one device that many people have been looking forward to, but Apple has yet to make it official. Rumors have been floating around for quite a while, but we’ve heard a few rumors just recently, suggesting that the tablet is somewhat close to an official launch.

Past rumors have suggested that the iPad Pro will come with a 12.9-inch display and will measure in at around 7mm, which is crazy thin for a tablet of that size.


Furthermore, the new tablet is rumored to come with stereo speakers, thanks to the addition of two more speakers at the top of the device rather than just at the bottom, allowing for better sound quality.

If the iPad Pro does indeed see the light of day, it will most likely be aimed at professionals, such as photographers, designers, architects, etc. Of course, the iPad is already a useful device in these professions, but a version with a larger screen and faster internals could be an even better device for such users.

As for the new MacBook Air, we’ve heard a handful of rumors already about the 2015 model, namely that it could come with a fanless design and fewer ports on the sides, equipped with new Type-C USB connections. Past reports have also suggested that the new machines will also come with Intel’s Broadwell line of processors, which should offer a bit of a performance boost, as well as one heck of a battery life boost.

However, a recent report suggested that Apple could ditch Intel in favor of its own in-house processor, perhaps the A10X. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple’s A-series processor will reach a level of performances that’s comparable to Intel’s Atom and Core i3 lines within the next couple of years. Kuo says that using in-house processors for MacBooks will allow Apple to have more control over the release cycle for its laptops.

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