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New MacBook Air Release Date Rumored for 2014 With New Size



A new MacBook Air release date is “coming soon” according to a new report on a Chinese forum. In the post we learn a bout a new MacBook Air 2014 model that could include a new trackpad design and a fan-less notebook with a new screen option.

Apple announced a new MacBook Air model in June 2013 at the WWDC 2013 event alongside iOS 7. Before that Apple announced new MacBook Air in June and July aside from a single fall announcement.

It’s unclear when this new MacBook Air release will take place, but with these new rumors and claims that the new MacBook Pro 2014 update will not arrive until September, a June date would make sense.

The MacBook Air is Apple’s most affordable notebook option starting at $999 for the 11-inch model. The MacBook Air is known for the thin design that tapers to a point at the front and for light weight and incredibly long battery life. The 13-inch MacBook Air is rated at 12 hours of battery life and it routinely delivers this all day computing power in the real world, while allowing for more processor intensive tasks like mild video editing when needed.

A new MacBook Air release date could arrive soon with a new 12-inch MacBook Air.

A new MacBook Air release date could arrive soon with a new 12-inch MacBook Air.

The report on WeiPhone comes from an individual that MacRumors identified as the same user that leaked information about the new MacBook Pro Retina in 2012, which gives some validity to an otherwise tough to trust forum posting. We don’t get to see any photos of the new MacBook Air 2014 update, but we learn a little bit about what we can expect.

Look for a new MacBook Air release date soon, but there is no specific date set. The source claims Apple is planning a 12-inch display in the 11.6-inch MacBook Air body, which is enough of a change that Apple will likely announce this on stage at an event, rather than putting it up for sale with little fanfare. There is no Apple event scheduled for 2014 so far, though we expect an Apple event in June to show off iOS 8, which would offer a stage to share a new MacBook Air 2014 model. If Apple announces the device at an event in early June, expect a new MacBook Air release within a few days.

The report points to a new trackpad design that removes the mechanical click found on all of the Apple notebooks on the market today. This move could be part of a new thinner design. While there is no actual click the report claims sensors might deliver feedback to simulate a click.

This could also be the first MacBook Air without a fan, which would be an interesting option. The current MacBook Air models feature fans which are quite loud when processing video on a 13-inch MacBook Air 2013 model.

A new MacBook Air 2014 model could use a new trackpad and arrive without fans.

A new MacBook Air 2014 model could use a new trackpad and arrive without fans.

In 2013 well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared details on a 12-inch MacBook Air, claiming it would, “boast both the portability of the 11-inch model, and productivity of the 13-inch model.” Kuo often shares accurate information about Apple products ahead of release dates thanks to sources in the Apple supply chain.

The report also talks of a new MacBook Air with Retina Display, which may finally come as this 12-inch model in 2014. It is not clear what Apple would charge for this product, but it is not out of the question to expect a price above the $999 11-inch MacBook Air price point.

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When Apple announced the new MacBook Pro Retina models the older non-retina models remained on the market, which is likely to happen with the 11-inch MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Air, even if this new MacBook Air with Retina Display arrives as a replacement for both sizes. If this happens the future of the non-Retina models may be limited, but very likely could remain on store shelves with minor updates into 2015. Apple still sells a 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro for $100 less than the Retina models, though it was last updated in 2012.

If Apple plans a mid 2014 announcement for the new MacBook Air release date, we could get a good idea as soon as late April when the company typically announces the WWDC event where the MacBook Air last took the stage in 2013.


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