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New MacBook Air to Deliver “Lightning Quick” Performance in 2014



Apple is reportedly planning a new MacBook Air 2014 model that will likely use a new type of technology to deliver better performance and battery life to users.

Apple typically updates the MacBook Air in June, and new MacBook Air release date rumors point to an arrival near the Apple WWDC 2014 event on June 2nd.

Multiple reports suggest Apple will bring a new higher-resolution display to the new MacBook Air, and it is very likely that this new notebook will carry a MacBook Air Retina or MacBook Air with Retina Display name when it hits store shelves.

The new MacBook Air could deliver "lightning quick" performance compared to the 2013 model.

The new MacBook Air could deliver “lightning quick” performance compared to the 2013 model.

In the latest report analyst Matt Margolis identifies a new type of RAM that Apple is very likely to implement in all new MacBook models this year. The DDR4 RAM can potentially deliver increased performance and contribute to better battery life on the new MacBook Air notebooks. Apple already works with Micron, which is the company that Margolis identifies as the partner Apple will rely on for new DDR4 RAM.

According to claims from Micron, the new DDR4 RAM will offer double the bandwidth without using more power. In simplest terms this means the new MacBook Air should offer faster performance as the RAM, processor and PCIe SSD are all able to communicate faster. This will translate into apps launching faster and allow users to gain performance with the same amount of RAM, which is good considering there will not likely be an option to upgrade the RAM on a new MacBook Air.

Margolis describes the speed increase as, “You can take my word for it that Apple users are going to love how “lightning quick” the 2014 devices will be compared to the 2013 devices.”

In addition to improved performance a new MacBook Air with DDR4 RAM may also deliver better battery life. Apple already boosted the MacBook Air battery life dramatically in 2013 pushing the 13-inch MacBook Air to 12 hours of real world use. There is no specific battery life claims available for the new DDR4 RAM at this time.

According to the latest new MacBook Air rumors we could see the device arrive as early as WWDC 2014 with sales starting the same day, or week as the announcement. A DigiTimes report points to a new MacBook Air Retina update this year, citing display supply chain sources. This lines up with claims that the MacBook Air Retina release is coming soon, from a source who accurately predicted the MacBook Pro Retina. A MacBook Air with Retina Display will likely arrive with a price hike, similar to the premium charged for a MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

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