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New MacBook Pro Release With Haswell Likely in September



Apple may soon announce new MacBook Pro models with a faster, more power efficient Intel Haswell processor that could dramatically improve battery life and portability without a bump in price.

It’s been over a year since Apple announced a new MacBook Pro and nearly 200 days since a new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and now that Intel’s latest processors are ready it looks like we could see new MacBook Pros roll out to Apple Stores as early as next month.

Apple announced a new MacBook Air with an Intel processor at WWDC 2013 in June, which Gotta Be Mobile praised for stellar battery life. The new processor helps users achieve real world battery life of 12-13 hours. The battery life gains came without a bigger battery or new design.

It is very likely that Apple’s new MacBook Pro models will see big boosts in battery life as well thanks to the power saving features of Intel Haswell and the new smart power usage features of OS X Mavericks, Apple’s latest version of OS X.

A new report claims the new MacBook Pro release date could come as soon as September.

A new report claims the new MacBook Pro release date could come as soon as September.

Previous rumors suggested Apple was planning a new MacBook Pro for October, and today a new report suggests we could see the new models arrive a month earlier.

EMSOne reports that the Taiwanese supply chain shows signs of life for the new MacBook Pro. The publication claims suppliers are shipping components for a Late 2013 MacBook Pro update which could arrive in September.

New MacBook Pro benchmarks allegedly show a Quad Core Core i7 processor and no dedicated graphics card. There are some reports the new MacBook Pro will use Intel’s Iris Pro 5200 GPU.

The video below shows Crysis 3 running on this new Intel GPU and AnandTech’s review of the Iris Pro 5200 GPU details the performance for gaming.

The new report does not highlight which new MacBook Pro models we should see in September, but it is very likely that this update will include a new MacBook Pro Retina 13″ and 15″, both of which could benefit from the longer battery life and more powerful integrated graphics to keep the high-resolution screen going.

We could also see Apple announce new MacBook Pro models with standard displays and hard drives, perhaps with a Fusion drive option to add some speed from a combination SSD/HDD mix.

Assuming Apple keeps the new lower MacBook Pro Retina pricing, these updates have the potential to deliver a very attractive package in September.

We will likely see the OS X Mavericks release date around the same time as the new MacBook Pro Retina models.

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