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New Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Ads Show Off Cameras and Kids Corner



To mark the release of Windows Phone 8 Microsoft has a few new ads that off the cameras in the Windows Phone 8X by HTC and Nokia Lumia 920 as well as Kids Corner.

The new ads take the same basic idea as Smoked By Windows Phone from earlier in the year, but with much less emphasis on speed. Instead Microsoft focuses its new ads on things WIndows Phone 8 can do better than other phones. The first three ads show off the cameras in two flagship phones as well Kids Corner.

The first ad shows off the wide-angle lens in the Windows Phone 8X. In it Microsoft Evangelist Ben Rudolph takes a group photo using the front-facing camera with a participant’s myTouch and another group photo with the Windows Phone. Unsurprisingly, the photo from the Windows Phone 8X is much better, and includes everyone in the photo without making them squeeze together.

The second ad shows off the low-light performance of the Nokia Lumia 920. Here Rudolph takes a photo of a couple outside at night with an iPhone 5 and another photo with the Lumia 920. It’s again no surprise that Nokia’s flagship takes a better looking photo because of its PureView technology. The iPhone 5’s photo is barely visible on the screen.

Microsoft’s final ad has Rudolph talking to a number of parents about their phones and what their kids to do them. After hearing a few horror stories of kids buying $40 worth of apps, deleting apps, or deleting email, he shows off Kids Corner. The feature lets kids have access to only the features their parents want them to access, with no way of getting into the main section of the phone.

The new ads help Microsoft show off specific features as well as some of the customization options available in Windows Phone 8. Microsoft has a long way to go to catch up with Google and Apple in market share, and the ads help show that Microsoft has some great unique features in its platform.

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