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New Milk Apps Are How You Get Milk Music on Your TV



Samsung, makers of the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 and other popular Android smartphones is hoping that new apps and a website for its Milk media services will help it become a rival for Apple’s iTunes and more. At CES 2015 today the company revealed Milk VR for is virtual reality headset and new versions of Milk Music and Milk Video.

Samsung announced big changes to its Milk Music, Milk Video and the introduction of Milk VR this afternoon.


The changes coming to Milk Music are the big draw here. Since launching last year, Samsung users have waited for an easy way to use Milk Music to stream their favorite genres and playlists in their living room and online. Samsung is introducing a new Milk Music website this coming Spring that’ll turn its website into an iTunes Radio competitor. Users will be able to stream content from Milk Music on any computer with a web browser, according to Samsung. That’s a huge change for Samsung. Right now Milk Music is only available to owners of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Backing up the new Milk Music app will be Milk Music for televisions. Samsung says the new app for Milk Music will be for Samsung Smart TVs made from 2012 to 2014. 2015 Samsung TVs will also get a compatible app, but we’re not sure when that is.

iTunes, Apple’s media service for the iPhone, iPad and more, offers more than just music. Television shows and movies are available from just about every major content provider there is. Milk Video is video app available for Galaxy smartphones that tailors what videos are coming next to the user based on the videos they’ve already watched. Milk Video will break away from Samsung’s mobile devices for the first time Spring 2015. That’s when Samsung says it’ll introduce Milk Video for smart televisions.  Already there are 50 different companies are contributing content to Milk Video. They include music video streaming service Vevo plus general content providers like Conde’ Nast.

There are a lot of people out there not necessarily sold on the idea of Samsung’s Gear VR headset for the Galaxy Note 4. The virtual reality headset relies on there being enough video games and television shows to make buying it worthwhile. Milk VR is the way Gear VR and Galaxy Note 4 users get all the new video content they require. Milk VR boasts video formatted specifically for the Gear VR. The same brands from Milk Video will provide content. Content providers will also include the NBA. Unlike the other Milk upgrades, Milk VR is available today with streaming video and video downloads on offer immediately.

All told, Samsung Milk is slowly blossoming into a media competitor in its own right. That’s very important because Samsung needs Milk Music, Milk Video now more than ever. Apple pioneered the modern media store. The idea is simple, if companies make it easy to purchase content for their devices, they stand to make more as users upgrade in their ecosystem. Very rarely will someone who has made a significant invest in iTunes content switch away and lose access to that content. In theory, Samsung Milk should force the same kind of loyalty for Samsung buyers. With Samsung facing competition from other Android makers on all sides, hanging on to as many as possible is key.



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