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New MindManager Add-Ins



Trevor Claiborne at The Student Tablet PC takes a look at two new Mindjet Labs add-ins for MindManager that each offer some unique functionality. The first add-in he reviews is the Route Planner add-in.

WebpageThe Route Planner add-in is quite simple. All you do is put your starting point in one topic, your destination in another and add a relationship between them. You then right click on the relationship and click Get Route. A webpage launches to a Mindjet site with Virtual Earth embedded with a map and driving directions. In addition, a callout topic is created off of the relationship, which contains the directions (in the Notes field) and a hyperlink to the VE map.

This add-in is due to be released on 7/31 and I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

Available now is the second add-in Trevor reviews, The Presenter add-in. Similar to the audio-syncing feature in OneNote, it allows you to sync your audio to notes that you’ve taken in MindManager, but according to Trevor:

The only caveat here is while the audio and video link to your notes it doesn’t work in the reverse. You won’t be able to click on a topic and go directly to that part of the lecture, but as you replay your recordings, the notes you took will be highlighted as you move along, including panning and zooming.

Here’s the link to the Presenter add-in, and here’s a link to a MindMap Trevor created showing off both new add-ins. Note that you’ll need the presenter add-in to fully appreciate the synchronization feature.

Trevor, who is also now working at Google, also is looking for suggestions for new add-ins and extensions to MindManager. He’s offering up some Google swag to the top three entries on The Student Tablet PC.

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