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MLB At Bat Plan Lets Users Watch Baseball on iPhone for Less Up Front



A recent update to MLB At Bat, the mobile application that allows Major League Baseball fans to watch footage from each game live and keep up with the latest scores, now has a monthly subscription option for users who aren’t comfortable with paying for access all in one lump sum.

The new subscription option is available in MLB At Bat 14. Since adding the app to the Google Play and iTunes App Store earlier this week, MLB has enabled a new option that allows users to pay $2.99 per month for access to the app’s footage and a few extras.

To be clear, users who choose the monthly option aren’t saving anything. A baseball season lasts 26 weeks. That puts the total cost that monthly At Bat 14 subscribers will pay if the stay subscribed the entire time at $19. That’s the same amount that subscribers pay for access for the entire year.

mlb at bat 14

MLB.TV Premium subscribers still have full featured access to the At Bat apps completely free of charge.

Though it’s the most notable addition, At Bat 14 also includes a few new features for baseball lovers to get excited about. The iPhone version of the app has been completely redesigned to match Apple’s iOS 7 operating system. At Bat 14 for iOS now includes a video player of its own too. That addition should make the experience less jarring for anyone just trying to quickly check in on a few games.

The Android version of At Bat 14 now lets users choose more than one favorite team to follow automatically. This year’s version of the app on Android also supports push notifications. With them turned on users can have their Android smartphone or tablet alert them to runs and scoring automatically.

Unfortunately, there’s less for Windows Phone users to get excited about. So far, Major League Baseball hasn’t refreshed its Windows Phone app. As such, users of devices running Windows Phone are stuck using last year’s app for now. It’s unclear if or when it might be updated for the new season.

Update: It appears that this option was already available to iOS users and is now just coming to Android devices.

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