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New Moshi SenseCover Brings Galaxy S4 Convenience To iPhone 5s



Apple doesn’t yet make anything like the Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover, as such iPhone 5s buyers can’t use as a screen cover and still get the latest time without having to open up their case. Thankfully Moshi’s new SenseCover allows both iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 to do just that and more.

On sale now for $45 from Moshi’s website, The Moshi SenseCover acts as both a hard shell rear case and a leather cover. Thanks to that leather cover’s SensArray technology users can accept and reject incoming calls to their iPhone without ever having to remove their device from its case. The front-facing SenseArray buttons also allows users to disable iOS 7’s built-in alarm.

Keeping the cover over the case is a magnetic clasp. Thanks to it users don’t have to fiddle with the case’s cover whenever they do need use their device’s full screen.


All told, it’s a pretty elegant way to solve a problem, even if that problem isn’t wide spread. Being able to quickly glance at the time, cancel alarms and accept or reject calls without opening their case could be useful for iPhone users who prefer portfolio and wallet style cases but find opening and closing a front-facing flap to be a bit cumbersome.

It’s exactly that convenience that Samsung hoped to offer users when it introduced the S-View Flip Cover for its Samsung Galaxy S4 and other devices. That case also allows users to answer phone calls. The S-View Flip is also intelligent enough to know when an S-View Flip Cover is attached to a Galaxy S4 and move need-know device status information like the reception meter into the S-View Flip Cover’s window. That’s something Moshi’s SenseCover can’t do thanks to the restrictions Apple has on the iPhone’s software.

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iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s users can purchase the SenseCover in Titanium and Steel Black for $45.00 now. Users with a Moshi Rewards account will get $2.00 added to their account towards the purchase of other items. Moshi is offering free shipping to users within 5-7 days depending on exact location.

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