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New Moto 360 Colors Leak Ahead of Release



After a rocky Moto 360 release with orders selling out within hours, stock being depleted, and buyers not able to get their hands on the new smartwatch things have finally settled down and are looking up. Earlier this month two updates arrived with new features and battery improvements, and now we’re seeing signs of at least two more Moto 360 versions coming soon.

Motorola’s new smartwatch, the Moto 360, which is powered by Google’s new Android Wear mobile operating system designed for wearable devices has been available since September. Early rumors suggested an all aluminum option was coming soon, potentially during the first week of November, and now a few more have surfaced.

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Android Wear was first debuted back in March along with the Moto 360, but when it finally arrived the Moto 360 was no where to be found. A few months later it was finally released running the latest version of Android Wear, and now has the latest updates. Only black and silver are available now, but it looks like gold, all aluminum (including the band) and more are coming sometime in November.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.40.56 AM

In early September leaks confirmed the all aluminum option could be released around November 11th, and a few days later Motorola themselves outed a gold color, which was quickly removed from their website.

It’s been over a month though and no new details have arrived, aside from a slightly different grey leather strap that went up for sale in early October. Today though, Amazon revealed at least two more options coming soon, but as expected, that page has since been removed from

When the Moto 360 first debuted many expected multiple colors and a wide array of band options. Customization similar to the Moto X smartphone, but that never happened. The image below though, are just a few of the new Moto 360 choices that could be coming extremely soon.


We knew an all aluminum silver option was coming, but Amazon is now showing an all aluminum dark grey, or blackish color choice. Then there’s a brand new Champagne Gold Moto 360 with two watch straps. The traditional strap we have now, and a thinner 18mm champagne metal band as shown above. All the metal choices will be $299, at least according to the Amazon pre-order page which was quickly removed.

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Then last but certainly not least, is a brand new strap color for the already available black and silver Moto 360 watches that have been on sale for nearly two months. Pictured above is a new “Cognac Leather Strap” for the Moto 360. This is a beautiful new color that many will probably want, but so far we’re not sure if this will be sold separately, or an option along with the two available at the regular asking price.

So far it appears that at least two more colors, all metal choices, and another leather strap will be available, but we don’t know when. Amazon had them available to buy with a 1-2 month wait for shipping, which was likely a placeholder. We’re expecting more news from Motorola in the near future regarding the Moto 360.

If initial rumors of November 11th for the all metal Moto 360 were accurate, we could be learning more soon and see all those mentioned above debut at the same time. Thoughts on the Cognac or Champagne color options?

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