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New Moto 360 Video Teases Customization



This week Motorola is continuing to build hype around the hotly anticipated new Android Wear smartwatch called the Moto 360. While we’ve been following leaks and rumors for months, a new Moto 360 video was released today talking about the design, but it also teases customization options.

When Google first unveiled Android Wear back in March the Moto 360 immediately stood out for its round design, but sadly it is still not available for potential buyers to get their hands on. Last month Google officially released Android Wear and two smartwatches on the Google Play Store. The LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, but all they had to say on the Moto 360 was that it’s “coming later this summer”, which we’ve heard before.

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Prospective buyers and wearable fans have been patiently waiting for more details about the watch, but we still don’t have any new official details aside from what Motorola revealed back in March. That said, today Motorola released a new 60 second video teasing the Moto 360, talked about the design, but there was more to the video than just that.


Thanks to an array of leaks we have an idea of what to expect regarding a price and Moto 360 release date, but again, nothing has been confirmed by Motorola or Google. So far the only word is “coming this summer” and from the looks of things we can expect an August launch, possibly timed with the release of the rumored Moto X+1 smartphone.

Today’s video is brought to us by lead designer at Motorola Lior Ron, who talks about why users should choose the Moto 360. We get a quick glance at the physical device, some potential watch face designs, but surprisingly there isn’t much said here. However, after a second glance you’ll notice Motorola silently teasing tons of customization options for the new smartwatch. Take a look below.

Motorola talks about the Moto 360 briefly in this short teaser clip. Explaining that the Moto 360 design and software is drawing inspiration from old school watches from back in the 90s. Basically before mobile phones and smartphones took over the need for many consumers to wear a watch. The Moto 360 is stylish, simple, and elegant yet still a piece of jewelery. However, it also manages to do everything we’ve been enjoying from Android Wear.

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In the video above (and pictured below) Motorola casually teases multiple different customization options for the upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch. Lately reports and rumors have suggested it will be available from Google Play, but also from MotoMaker full of customization options.

Things like black or aluminum for the actual face, and tons of watch band options. We’ve been hearing rumors of leather as an option, and that looks to be confirmed by the video today. Halfway through we see Motorola eying an entire pallet of leather choices, and behind that is a line of different watch straps for the Moto 360.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.33.27 PM

Last year Motorola debuted the Moto X smartphone with over 18 different color choices, accent colors, and even custom wood backs for the design. All of this was completely free (but the wood) and made available through their MotoMaker website.

Rumor has it Motorola will be releasing both the new Moto X+1 smartphone and Moto 360 in early August with the same customization options, and potentially even more. If what we’re seeing in this video, and hearing from the rumor mill is accurate, buyers may get to choose what color of watch and even the band type, style, or design.

Of course aluminum or custom watch bands may end up at a higher cost, but we’ll have to wait and see. So far the details are still few and far between, but hopefully Motorola starts revealing more and more as the Moto 360 release date nears.

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