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New Noahpad Pics Surface and Official Specs



UMPCFever has posted several new pictures of the upcoming Noahpad ultraportable.  This netbook-class device is unique in that it features a convertible screen and a one of a kind reverse keyboard.  Details on the Noapad remain sketchy as there has been no word of US release.  UMPC Portal has a specs page for the Noapad, but these have yet to be confirmed by E-lead.  The site has a press release (translated) that states the unit has been well received in Taiwan.  It appears as though the E-lead folks would like the Noahpad to spend a lot of time in your vehicle.

Observations from pictures:

  • 2 USB Ports (one on both sides towards the rear of the unit)
  • VGA Out
  • Speaker/Microphone ports
  • Webcam
  • Linux operating system
  • SD card slot is in the center of the unit at the front.
  • The front, left side has an adapter for the Noahpad’s special external battery.
  • Unique keyboard also serves as touchpad with special actions made by finger gestures.  The keyboard is updated from previous models.  Older models had an empty plastic space down the middle of the keyboard.
  • Wi-Fi LED indicator around screen.  It also looks like there is an indicator that says BT.  Bluetooth?

UPDATE: Here are the official specs from E-Lead.  They do confirm Bluetooth.  As previously stated, the OS is Ubuntu 7.10 or XP compatible.  Check out GBM’s video with the early Noahpad.

What do you think of the Noahpad’s unique design?

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