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New Nokia Ad Says Key iPhone Advantage Isn’t Really Relevant



The iPhone’s large assortment of applications for users to download to their devices has convinced millions of users to continue buying Apple’s flagship smartphones. It’s a strength, a core asset that other smartphone platforms simply can’t throw money at and hope to fix. A new advertisement from Nokia tries to address the concerns of potential Nokia Lumia buyers by going after the iTunes App Store in a slightly different direction.

The new ad was posted to the company’s Canadian YouTube page. It opens by addressing users who are looking for a new smartphone. At the outset it brings up the Lumia 1020‘s large screen and decent battery life. This being Nokia the video is also careful to mention the Lumia 1020’s 41 megapixel rear-facing camera.

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It then moves on to what it refers to as “The App Question.” Based on the video, its at least Nokia Canada’s belief that users really only care about top app experiences and whether the next big app will run on their Nokia device.

It does give credit to the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for having so many apps available. It then asks whether users really need over one thousand flash light apps.

According to the video, Nokia Windows Phones have the apps that users are looking for. It lists Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and WhatsApp. The ad also explicitly mentions that apps that aren’t available on the platform have decent replacements made by other developers. The ad explicitly states that the top paid apps are nearly all available on Windows Phone. It also points out that Nokia JobLens and Microsoft Office aren’t available on any other platform. Nokia JobLens allows Lumia Windows Phone users to hold up their device and see what places are hiring around them.

All told, the video makes a decent case for why Windows Phone isn’t really that behind when it comes to apps. Unfortunately, it leaves out the delay in how long Windows Phone users have to wait to get those apps. It also doesn’t mention anything about apps for small businesses and local stores. It’s those apps that the iTunes App Store has the most of and nearly all of them are missing from the Windows Phone Store.

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The Windows Phone App Store now holds 200,000 apps compared to the iTunes App Store which has more than a million.

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