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New Nokia Innovation Initiative Will Incubate Your Ideas



Have a great idea for innovation but don’t know how to take it to market? Well, Nokia’s Invent with Nokia initiative may help you take those grand conquer the world plans and put it into action, which would turn the smartphone giant into a tech incubator. Nokia says that you’ll get paid for your ideas, gain fame and fortune, and hopefully you’ll also be able to change the world in the process.

According to Nokia, you’ll get paid if the idea you have gets turned into a patent, though the company doesn’t state how much you’ll get paid or what that pay is based upon–every idea is different, right?

If you have a genuinely useful and innovative idea that could be turned into a product or service by Nokia – whether or not you are a full time inventor – imagine the feeling of having your vision realised by a company such as Nokia that can make it happen. To submit your idea you’ll need to register over at the site and provide us with non-confidential information about your idea or invention.

The idea is an interesting one that combines crowdsourcing and innovation. Given Nokia’s evolving itself and its platforms and ecosystems, this new strategy could serve the company well as it tackles Windows Phone 7 and tries to not only seek information about the marketplace and what consumers want, but also to bring forth new ideas and tell consumers that they would want those innovations.

If anyone has the global scale, power, or reach to really take a small idea or invention and make it big, it’d be Nokia. If you have an idea for that dream phone, who knows, maybe you can make it happen together with Nokia and get paid for your idea(s) in the process.

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