New Nokia Rivendale, HTC Z4, and Amazon Mobile Device Rumored
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New Nokia Rivendale, HTC Z4, and Amazon Mobile Device Rumored



According to a leak by famed Twitter leaker @evleaks, there are a slew of new devices coming from Nokia, HTC, and Amazon. At this point, the leaker did not post any images of the devices; instead, code names were listed. We’re now seeing the names for Nokia Rivendale, HTC Z4, and an Amazon GLP70. Details, specs, and other information were also not available. Moreover, these devices are likely to be released under different consumer names and the names listed are code names.


Nokia Rivendale

Hot after the announcement of the flagship 41-megapixel PureView Lumia 1020 smartphone we’re hearing of the Nokia Rivendale. Though information isn’t available for this device, Nokia has been recently rumored to be working on a larger screen phablet of some sort to compete against popular models like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and the forthcoming and also rumored Galaxy Note 3. With Microsoft’s GDR3 software update to Windows Phone 8, rumored to be coming early next year, new hardware capabilities will be possible for the phablet category, including quad-core CPUs and full 1080p HD displays. Will Rivendale be the first phablet from Nokia? Or will it be the rumored, but now shelved, tablet running either Windows 8 or Windows RT?


It’s unclear what the Z4 will be. The current HTC One family has the “M” codename, with the HTC One bearing the M6 code name while the rumored HTC One Mini is rumored to have the HTC M4 code name. It’s unclear if HTC will be jumping to the Z letter for next year’s reboot, or if the company is working on a new product or product line all together.

Amazon GLP70

After having long been rumored to enter the Android smartphone space with its own skinned UI that debuted on the Kindle Fire tablet, could the GLP70 be that mobile calling device?

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1 Comment

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