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New Nook Tablet to Feature “Revolutionary Screen’



Barnes and Noble is feeling the heat from the Nexus 7 launch, and it looks like a Barnes and Noble insider decided to tempt shoppers to hold out for the fall when a new Barnes and Noble Nook tablet will arrive with “revolutionary screen technology.”

The leak comes by way of CNet, who says the source has proven reliable in the past. Unfortunately, the source won’t elaborate on what this revolutionary screen technology is, though he states that it is developed in-house with help from “another company.”

Nook Tablet

The next Nook Tablet could feature a much better display.

If that company is Microsoft perhaps it will be the super responsive touch screen shown off by Microsoft Labs in the demo below.

The new Nook Tablet will also reportedly be lighter, though no clues were given about the size of the device.

Even more interesting than the promise of a better and game changing display is the teaser that Barnes and Noble will bring new media options to the next Nook tablet, which CNet says, “including some not seen before on a tablet.”

If the source is talking about features not seen on any tablet, it’s a pretty big boast. Barnes and Noble might leverage their partnership with Microsoft to deliver Xbox Live gaming to the Nook Tablet, but that seems like something better suited for the Surface tablet, especially since the source says that the new Nook Tablet will stick with a skinned version of Android instead of switching to Windows 8.

We expect a fall release of the new Nook Tablet, lined up to compete with the Kindle Fire 2 and the iPad Mini.



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  2. HildeMan

    07/31/2012 at 8:48 am

    If Microsoft ends playing a big part in the next generation Nook Tablet, will that mean that those of us using the first gen running Android 2.3 will get hung out to dry? I truly hope not.

  3. Chris

    09/04/2012 at 11:13 am

    I really hope they have connected twith microsoft. That would open a lot of doors for B&N. It would be nice if some international sales could also be added. That would provide a lot of help to the market too.

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