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New OneNote 2007 Powertoys Coming Soon



As I am sure most of the readers know, we here at GottaBeMobile REALLY like OneNote 2007.  And we really like it in it’s current state…  just imagine it when these Powertoys come out:

Quoted from John Guin’s website:

    1. A template manager. Yes! Finally! And it’s being developed by Jeff Cardon, so you know it is high quality. Apply templates to currently existing notebooks.
    2. Table summation (me(meaning John Guin)). Add columns of numbers in tables! Earth shaking!
    3. A privatizer (removes names from notebooks) and cleaner addin. Helps fix random focus behavior in just published notebooks. (Gary Neitzke). Yes to privacy!
    4. A Journal to OneNote Exporter (or importer, depending on your point of view) (Lin Wang). Don’t stay with the Windows journaling tool!
    5. Create Task Requests from Meeting notes (me(meaning John Guin)) – More task integration with Outlook!
    6. An audio fine tuner (Jeff) – make OneNote into a Karaoke machine!
    7. An image rotator (Gary) – I’m turning backflips for this one!


    My favorite??  The Rotate Image feature – that will be GREAT!!

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