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New OneNote Addon: Xiipy



xiipyOne of the best things to happen to OneNote was the release of their API.

I just received word from GBM reader Steven Eisenhauer about a new OneNote addon called Xiipy. I don’t know much about it beyond what is on the product page, but hope to learn more after downloading it .

Here are the features from thedownload page. It is in beta right now.

Update: I have installed it and am getting some errors when exiting the application. Pretty cool app, but like I said, it is beta.

1. Automatic Content Analysis   Xiipy automatically reads through the text of your OneNote page and determines the most relevant terms to help guide its resource search.     

2. Automatic Searching   Xiipy starts searching the web for pages and images related to your OneNote page without you having to open up a single search engine or type in a single key word.  Let Xiipy be your research assistant today!     

3. Integrated Interface   Xiipy integrates smoothly with OneNote 2007.  The Xiipy controls and toolbars sit on the right and lower sides of OneNote and can easily be minimized to allow maximum viewing area of the notes page.    

4. Quick Resource Preview   Thumbnail images of image resources found and search engine descriptions of website resources found can be easily viewed by expanding any item in the right pane to allow you to preview the data before deciding whether to use it in your notes.    

5. Tag Cloud   Xiipy displays all the key terms it found in what is called a “Tag Cloud”.  This shows the relative importance/weight of each term based on how many times it shows up in the document.

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