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New Outlook to OneNote addin available



I use the Send to OneNote functionality in Outlook quite a lot – it is where I store product keys that I receive via email, emails that are projected related, meeting notes from Outlook appointments, etc. If I come across an email that I want to associate with a meeting, I just send it to OneNote and move it to my project folder.

Well, John Guin has taken that email functionality one step further, by automatically sending emails that contain certain keywords to OneNote. Check it out.

This Addin is designed to solve a problem some users of OneNote face. Once people start using OneNote, many of them tend to move all their data into it. They then experience the problem of being away from OneNote and having information they want to add to it. Their only access may be to email, such as with a mobile phone or airport kiosk. They could rely on new functionality in Outlook 2007 which gives a ribbon button to send the contents of email to OneNote. There is a step or two here which can be eliminated with this addin.

This addin adds the capability of sending yourself email with a certain keyword in the subject and having Outlook automatically create a new page in OneNote’s Unfiled Notes section when that mail item arrives. Outlook then deletes the email. It also allows power users to set the filter used for incoming mail items to trigger the code. It provides no UI for the user: “it just works.”

via the OneNote Extensibility blog:

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