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New Poll Question – Do you own a Media Center PC?



We have published a new poll question: Do you own a Media Center PC? Vote by answering the poll on the right side of the site.

We’d love to hear what you do with it, what kind you have, do you transfer media from it to your Tablet PC via theExperience Pack. What advice would you give someone looking at gettting their first Media Center PC?

My wife got me an HP Z558 for my birthday earlier this year and we absolutely love it. Every bit of media we own is on there. I think the thing we have enjoyed the most is looking at all the pictures we have. Before the Media Center, they just sat in my computer. Now, the kids start a slide show and watch them on the television. We are seeing pictures of the kids that we have not seen in years. My biggest disappointment with it is how slow HP’s interface is to iTunes. We are looking at getting an extender for the tv in our room.

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