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New poll question – Kids and Tablet PCs



We just posted a new poll question – “Do your kids have at least one Tablet PC?”

Vote using the poll on the right side of the site. If you’d like to tell us how many they own, what kind, and what they use them for, we would all love to hear.

My kids: They have two Tablet PCs: My daughter Maggie has a TC1000 ( given to her by a great friend :-) ) and my son Dax has a TC1000. For what they use them for, they are perfect tablet pcs. Maggie is using hers to draw pictures for her book and using Journal to write out descriptors of the drawing. She is about 75% finished. Dax uses his on and off for Boy Scouts. He used to use it for school work, but found writing on paper much simpler. He’s now got a bare bones Pocket PC that he actually prefers over the TC1000 due to its size.

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