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New PS4 Games Confirmed: Uncharted 4, Early Destiny Beta Access, More



The PS4 is launching with a versatile set of games today, but that doesn’t mean Sony wants gamers to focus on them. Mere minutes before the console’s launch, Sony took to a stage in New York City to reveal more exclusive experiences for its gaming console.

The company started its launch event with news for fans of the The Last of Us adventure game starring Ellen Page. Sony’s studios are already working on a single-player campaign add-on for the game, and if the trailer is any indication, there are still more battles to fight and more mysteries to uncover. There’s also more Ellie, a surprise favorite character from the title’s debut earlier this year. The company didn’t confirm an exact date for the Left Behind DLC for The Last of Us. Instead, Sony says users should expect the add-on “early next year.” Users can pre-order the DLC from the PlayStation Store for $14.99 beginning November 19th.

Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Walmart plan to sell the PS4 on November 15th to users who didn't pre-order.

The company also announced a follow-up in its very popular Uncharted series of games. Sony didn’t confirm any other news besides that, and it didn’t show any actual footage from the game as it’s still early in development. In fact, the title is so early in development that Sony didn’t even detail a launch window for it.

PS4 users can also expect TowerFall Ascension, a multiplayer strategy game that tasks users with utterly decimating their friends in direct combat. The game won’t win any awards for detailed graphics, but it seems tailor-made for users who simply want to play a fun game with friends and family. Sony also confirmed that TowerFall would make its way the PlayStation Store sometime in 2014.

Sony didn’t end it there either. The company also confirmed that gamers on its system will get early access to the beta of Destiny, the first-person shooter/adventure in production from Bungie Studios. That’s big as Destiny is the first game the studio will release independently since it split from Microsoft and the Halo franchise. Users won’t need to purchase a PS4 to get into the beta. Sony says PS3 users will get early access as well.

It’s unlikely that these titles will sway users who’d already decided to pick up Microsoft’s Xbox One next week, however it could convince PS3 users to upgrade to the PS4 a bit earlier than they originally planned. The PlayStation 4 is available today for $399.

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