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New Roost Laptop Stand Aims to Fix Sore Backs



If you’re looking for the perfect laptop stand that’s strong enough to hold up a 15-inch Macbook Pro or other big laptops, the new Roost Stand is exactly what the doctor ordered. Roost had success on kickstarter in past years, but are back in 2016 with an all-new portable, foldable, height-adjustable stand that aims to prevent sore backs and necks.

Laptop stands or docks are popular accessories, but often cheap and not very sturdy. The market for a quality stand is smaller than many think, and that’s where the new Roost comes in. It’s built with high-impact plastic and carbon fiber and weighs less than a half a pound.

The company used the kickstarter product funding site in 2015 to launch its latest Roost Stand, and after a successful campaign has now started shipping to backers who pre-ordered the device months ago. The full launch is set for February 1st, and this extremely lightweight, versatile, yet durable and fancy laptop stand is one worth considering.


More details on the brand new Roost Stand can be found on its official site, which is taking pre-orders now for $79.95, and hopes to get most shipped by mid-February. Now you might be saying to yourself, “Wow, $80 is a lot for a laptop stand.”

You’d be right to think that, but there’s more to this than simply being a laptop stand. The Roost is extremely lightweight, yet strong and durable at the same time. Folds up to be tiny enough to fit in any backpack or luggage, and can be adjusted to lift a laptop 6-inches off a table, up to 11-inches high. Yet strong enough to hold a heavy 15-inch MBP. It’s perfect for using a laptop while sitting or standing, and the improved angle has shown to relieve both back and neck soreness.

The original Roost had a similar fold-out design, but didn’t have all the features of the new Roost. This new model has rubberized slip-resistant feet, the height adjustments mentioned above, and a patent-pending pivoting “grips” that almost bite down and hold your laptop in place. As you slide a laptop in and twist it back, the grips turn and lock in place. Making this not only easy, lightweight, portable and convenient, but also safe.

It weights less than a half of a pound (0.38 lbs to be exact) and after using it for an entire night this is without a doubt one of the best laptop stands I’ve used. Give it a try today.

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