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New Galaxy S II Ad Jeers iPhone for Lack of 4G



The iPhone 4S is a fantastic smartphone. However, the one thing that it lacks, a thing that Apple seems intent on bringing to it next year, are 4G speeds. Well, like many of you, Samsung has taken notice and it has decided to unleash an entire advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S II that is devoted to belittling the iPhone while promoting the Galaxy S II’s 4G capabilities.

This is Samsung’s second shot over the bow of the USS Cupertino in recent days.

You may recognize a few of the people in line waiting from another commercial that Samsung released a short time ago that really laid into the iPhone and those who love Apple products.

For those that don’t know, Sprint’s Galaxy S II runs on the carrier’s WiMax 4G network, AT&T’s runs on HSPA+ 4G while T-Mobile’s runs on the Magenta carrier’s HSPA+ 42Mpbs network. Verizon of course will be launching the Galaxy Nexus on its 4G LTE network.

Apple’s iPhone 4S is a 3G phone. A mere mortal it seems.

However, if rumors prove to be fruitful, it’s only a matter of time before Samsung is unable to run ads like these.

For the time being though, we are thoroughly amused.

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  1. Anonymous

    12/02/2011 at 1:16 am

    If it aint LTE, it aint 4G in my book.

  2. Anonymous

    12/02/2011 at 6:09 am

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