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New Surface Power Accessory Rumored For Arrival



Fresh after patent fillings backed up claims about Microsoft’s next generation Surface tablets having a built-in adjustable kickstand, both of those sources are now alleging that users can expect a Surface Power Cover when Microsoft launches the upgraded devices sometime this fall.

Reports about the new Power Cover come by the way of Neowin, which first reported that the Surface Pro 2 would feature an adjustable kickstand, instead of the standard angled design that current generation Surface tablets ship with. According to its report, the Power Cover will allow Surface devices — particularly the Surface Pro 2 — to outlast the current generation of devices by a wide margin.

While alone, the report could be seen as a suspect, the outlet’s seemingly accurate information on the Surface Pro 2’s adjustable kickstand does lend credibility to its report. Not to be out done, Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott is backing up the outlets claims in a post of his own.

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According Thurrott,users can look forward to a Power Cover sometime this fall, however all Surface devices won’t be compatible with it. Allegedly, use of the Power Cover is restricted to users of the Surface Pro, Surface 2 running Windows RT and the Surface Pro 2. Instead of using the touch technology employed in Microsoft’s multi-colored Surface Touch Covers, the Power Cover will, allegedly, borrow the movable key design found on the Type Cover that debuted last fall.


A Microsoft Surface RT docked to the Type Cover.

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Users won’t have to plug-in the Power Cover externally, the tablets themselves will actually act as the device’s charger. Thurrott also indicates that the Power Cover won’t be much thicker than the Surface Type Cover is today, measuring a svelte .38 inches from top to bottom.

If these reports are true, the Power Cover combined with the supposed Intel Haswell processor inside the Surface 2 could finally give Microsoft its first direct competitor to the power sipping, MacBook Air ultrabook. While Microsoft did manage to fit a powerful Intel processor into the first generation Surface Pro, using the chipset cost the device dearly in terms of battery life.

To date, Microsoft hasn’t officially announced any plans for a Surface Pro 2 or a Surface 2, however the company has made it clear that it’s into selling its own hardware for the long haul. Recent rumors have pegged the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 for launch sometime this fall.

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