New T-Mobile Ad Touts More Than 35,000 4G Towers

As the only major U.S. carrier with a 4G LTE network T-Mobile needs something to make itself stand out from the others. It’s most recent ad focuses on the number of cities its 4G HSPA+ network covers.

The new ad, called “Towers” shows T-Mobile spokesperson Carly riding across the U.S. on her new signature black and magenta Ducati motorcycle. She drives by T-Mobile 4G HSPA+ towers in Anaheim, Miami, and Kalamazoo, through cities and desert.

T-Mobile claims its 4G network reaches 220 million people across 229 markets in the U.S. The carrier likes to point out that those potential users aren’t just in big cities, the network is the best carrier in rural and suburban areas in the U.S. according to a recent PC Magazine test.

While T-Mobile is touting its 4G HSPA+ network, it still has plans for a 4G LTE network. Unfortunately, however, the network won’t launch until next year. It’s a full year behind Sprint, which is already slow to the 4G LTE party but is catching up quickly.

T-Mobile’s current network is still pretty fast, and it’s still competitive in rural and suburban areas where the other carriers don’t have 4G LTE yet. As those 4G LTE networks roll out, however, T-Mobile will have even more competition than it does now. Ads won’t really change the fact that the carrier doesn’t have 4G LTE, but it might help the carrier in the areas where it does have a more competitive network in place.

T-Mobile needs to step their game up to get ready for a possible iPhone 5 in 2013.