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New T-Mobile Data Plans for Data Devices Coming March 13



A leaked screenshot shows T-Mobile will be offering a larger 10 GB per month data plan on March 13th in addition to other changes, including a 20% data discount if bundled with a voice plan. The leak, originally reported on TmoNews, outlines that the carrier will not be charging overages on its Even More webConnect data plans of 5 GB or 10 GB monthly, which will retail for $50 and $80 respectively before any discounts. After a subscriber has reached the threshold data usage per month, T-Mobile will throttle down the speed to EDGE, or 2G, data speeds rather than the 3G or 4G speeds on the HSPA+ network. While this may seem slow, it will be more economical than paying a per KB, per MB, or per GB overage charge on rival carriers for those who are budget-conscious.

A more budget Even More webConnect plan is available at $30 per month, which nets only 200 MB of data. That plan, however, has a $0.10 per MB overage charge unlike the other two more expensive data plan.

The nice thing here is that if users have a mobile broadband data plan on the same account as a voice or smartphone plan, T-Mobile will offer a 20% discount. Now, the T-Mobile system will “allow pooled voice to be on the same account as broadband.” So, with a phone plan, and a data-only device like a tablet or USB modem on T-Mobile, users can sign up for the 10 GB data plan, for example, for just $63.99 after the discount.

The carrier currently offers netbooks, USB modems, and tablets–Dell Streak 7 and Galaxy Tab–with integrated 3G/4G. Those devices would require a data-only plan like the webConnect plans should users want to hop on to T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network.

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