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New T-Mobile Jump Makes it Easier to Jump to Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6



T-Mobile is working hard to appeal to smartphone shoppers that want the latest and greatest handsets with new changes to T-Mobile Jump that makes it a tempting deal for consumers looking at the just announced Galaxy S5 or who are looking forward to an iPhone 6 or New HTC One this year.

The new T-Mobile Jump plan includes three new changes that early adopters will appreciate and may even appeal to customers that plan to keep their iPhone or Galaxy S4 a little longer.

T-Mobile customers can now use Jump for a tablet like the iPad Air with LTE or any other tablet that T-Mobile sells. This is a nice addition while competitors focus on smartphones.

The new T-Mobile Jump plan makes upgrading to a Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6 easier.

The new T-Mobile Jump plan makes upgrading to a Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6 easier.

Shoppers that are already waiting for the Galaxy S5 release date and looking forward to an iPhone 6 release date later this year, the early adopters that need to try and upgrade to the latest smartphones will appreciate two changes to Jump.

There is no longer a six month waiting period to upgrade to a new device on T-Mobile Jump. If you want to jump from the iPhone 5s to the Galaxy S5, then to the New HTC One and on to an iPhone 6 or Galaxy Note 4; T-Mobile doesn’t want to get in your way. There are also no more limits on the number of times users can upgrade.

Here’s how the new Jump plan works with faster upgrades. There are some favorable terms here, but users will need to check the trade in values with T-Mobile and evaluate all plan costs before deciding this is the best option for their usage, upgrades and situations. Here’s how the new T-Mobile Jump plan works according to T-Mobile,

“When you’re ready to upgrade, simply trade in your eligible device and get full credit on all remaining payments on the old phone or tablet – up to half of the original cost of the device.  Most of the time, this will mean an upgrade with little or nothing more to pay on the old device. You can then purchase your new phone or tablet on our easy Equipment Installment Plan (EIP).”

T-Mobile is a bit hopeful that users will trade with, “little or nothing more to pay,” on an old device for users that trade in faster than six months. For users that wait longer this is a more likely scenario. The good news for consumers is that the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4 are holding their values well, and we could see similar trends with the rumored iPhone 6 and just announced Galaxy S5.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is set for April 11th in 150 countries. T-Mobile already offers a Galaxy S5 sign up page where they offer a Galaxy S5 contest. We expect T-Mobile will send an email with the Galaxy S5 pre-order details to anyone who signs up.

The iPhone 6 release date is rumored for summer or fall with larger screens on two models. Analysts and rumors are split on a June iPhone 6 release or a September iPhone 6 release and consumer shouldn’t expect any agreement until we get much closer.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. RKSoni

    02/26/2014 at 11:24 am

    Frequent upgrade is just a waste, who prefer switch costly gadgets ?

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